Saudi Student Club celebrates Saudi National Day


Photo credit/ Bethany Wade

Pictured is Lia Richards-Palmiter, the Director of Diversity, and Tania Ahmed

Katie Haczewski , Staff Writer

The Saudi Student Club (SSC) transformed the Fireplace Lounge last Friday so that the campus community could experience Saudi Arabian culture.

The club organized the event to celebrate Saudi National Day, which is typically celebrated on Sept. 23. Even though the event took place a couple of weeks later, the spirit of the celebration remained.

Members of the SSC sat at tables in the Fireplace Lounge that had free authentic food and music. One club member educated visitors on the history of Saudi Arabia, while some members of the club drew henna designs and translated guests’ names to Arabic. The club also had a table set up with coloring books for children.

Arwa Alibrahim, a member of the SSC, helped attendees try on traditional dresses. She also took photos for visitors who posed in front of the fireplace designed to look like a Saudi Arabian home setting.

Alibrahim said she was relieved with the number of guests who attended in light of the negative views on people in the Middle East.

“People think of Saudi Arabians as different, so I appreciate that people came to support the event,” said Alibrahim.

Graduate Communication Arts Major and President of the SSC, Khater Alkhater, said he was proud of the club’s effort.

“The club spent almost three or four weeks preparing,” said Alkhater. “I’m happy we have the support from Marywood.”

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