The xx’s ‘I see you’ sees critical acclaim

The xxs I see you sees critical acclaim

Kat Bischak, A&E Staff Writer

Only 13 days after the New Year, Indie pop/alternative band The xx have released their third album for the world to hear, entitled, “I See You.” In past years, the band has released upbeat songs with disco influences that have moved fans in the U.K. and most recently, those in the United States.

However, the new album from The xx has a new sound for listeners, one with tranquil arrangements and lighthearted lyrics. “I See You” allows listeners to see who The xx really are and what they are all about.

The first track on the album is entitled “Dangerous,” immediately sending the album into an upbeat yet attentive feeling for listeners. Band members Romy Croft, Oliver Sim and music producer Jamie Smith sing about a strong force of love that might pose dangers for the relationship but will stay strong with their love and dedication. Lines such as “Should it all fall down/You’ll have been my favorite mistake,” allow listeners to feel the heavy emotions interlaced throughout this incredible song.

Up next on the new album is “Say Something Loving,” which has become one of the most popular songs on “I See You.” Smith sings about the strong desires to know if the love she felt in the past was real, along with if it still resides between her and her lover.

“Lips,” is one of the songs on The xx’s new album that has a new, particular sound right from the beginning. Choral vocals echo throughout the first 20 seconds of the song, pulling listeners into the intimate lyrics from Smith and Sim. The artists duet for their love deep within themselves, making an incredible transition from “Say Something Loving.”

The fourth song on the album breaks up the intimate world that we are continuously learning about from The xx and throws us into a new world of violence, loss and insecurity. “A Violent Noise” allows listeners to feel the ups and downs within Sim’s vocals and creative beats, flowing within the song with perfect timing.

“Replica” is the sixth song on “I See You,” which speaks of falling into the constant cycle of life with the pressure of society doubting who you’ll become. The song is one that any listener can ease into and allow themselves to simply understand what Sims, Croft and Smith speak of. This was a song that I completely related to, and it quickly became my favorite on the new album.

Another track that has gained incredible popularity is “On Hold,” a song that once again brings listeners in to the intimate world from Sim and Smith. The duet confesses that they have simply put their love “on hold,” and want the reassurance that it will still be there when they come back together. The song brings in deep background vocals and bass, throwing the song into an enraptured spasms to break the melancholy lyrics.

One of the last songs on the album that grabbed an incredible amount of attention was “I Dare You,” a great love song between Smith and Sims. The song starts with Sims, then transitions to Smith, as she sings the lines, “I’ve been a romantic for so long/All I’ve ever had are love songs.” Once again, the song impressively intertwines with the previous song “On Hold,” and continues to imply something more to come. With this said, the last song “Test Me,” is beautifully placed at the end, pulling the entire album together into one intimate world created through The xx.

All three artists have grown a tremendous amount from their last album to “I See You,” and there is clear pride with what they have created. I also believe that both Sims and Croft have both grown as artists and are at the peak of their career.

The band is currently on their U.K. tour that also flows into their North American Tour, which goes until the end of May. Most of their U.K. dates and now North American dates have already sod out, showing their utmost demand around the world. They are expected to perform at the Skyline Stage at the Mann in Philadelphia on May 17. Tickets to their incredible show are available at ticketmaster.

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