OPINION: America should back off of North Korea


Stephanie O’Malley , Contributor

With Donald Trump as our president, and Kim Jong Un as the leader of North Korea, it does not come as much of a surprise that there are increasing tensions between the two countries.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un both have large personalities, and both refuse to back down or compromise. Both countries have nuclear weapons, and are threatening to use them against each other.

Trump and Kim Jong Un are both arrogant and egotistical. Trump is threatening to destroy North Korea, and Kim Jong Un is now saying that these threats are a declaration of war.

We should not ignore North Korea completely, but Trump should not be taking this matter into his hands. This sort of situation is one that the United Nations can help with, and North Korea is a threat to everyone, not just America.

All Donald Trump is doing is making the problem worse by continuously making fun of Kim Jong Un on Twitter and sending threats, increasing tensions with North Korea.
Trump does not know how to interact with world leaders, and his solution to most things is to threaten others and call them names.

Kim Jong Un deals with others in a similar way, and now Trump and Kim Jong Un are going back and forth calling each other names and threatening nuclear war. The whole thing seems like a bad joke. As tensions reach a new high, residents of Hawaii are even preparing for the possibility of an attack.

The North Korea situation has been precarious for the past few years. We need someone who is capable of having a logical, well-reasoned conversation. We need a leader who can talk to Kim Jong Un and deescalate the situation. Trump is not that person. He needs to stop making comments about North Korea and start actually trying to negotiate.

Our relationship with North Korea has never been good, but it has never gotten close to what it is today. Donald Trump is taking an already bad situation and making it much worse, escalating the tension nearly to the point of war. Trump does not know how to negotiate, or compromise or talk to other world leaders the way a president should. America is better off staying clear of the entire situation, before we actually find ourselves at war.

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