Marywood student holds hand lettering exhibition


Photo credit/ Justin Kucharski

Justin Kucharski, Staff Writer

The Kresge Gallery in the Insalaco Center for Studio Arts held an opening reception on Nov. 13 for Senior Graphic Design Major Emmanuel Adjei’s art exhibition titled “Created To Create: Hand Lettering Exhibition.”

From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Adjei greeted visitors and answered any questions attendees had about his works, which dated back to the start of his artistic career four years ago.

During the reception, Adjei discussed his different pieces and the inspiration behind his art.

Photo credit/ Justin Kucharski

“My work is based on my day-to-day feeling. It can be something that I’m feeling inside, something that I see on the news, things like that,” said Adjei.

Adjei also talked about how he’s been evolving his pieces, describing how his earlier works were drawn in black and white and now incorporate color.

When drawing a piece, Adjei said he keeps himself and his audience in mind, mainly aiming to keep a positive attitude.

“Most of my pieces are motivational quotes. I try to make things what will help myself or others get through their day,” he said.

Sophomore Graphic Design Student Matt Catanzaro said he was very impressed with Adjei’s talent.

“When you look at [Adjei’s] pieces, they look like the were done online or digitally downloaded, but when you get up close, you can see they’re done by hand. It’s truly phenomenal,” said Catanzaro. He also added that “[Adjei] has that niche that puts him above other people and makes him a little different.”

Photo credit/ Justin Kucharski

Along with the art already on display, Adjei also had pieces of his art to give away on pieces of paper and cardboard along with pins of his work for people to wear, each sporting a positive message.

“Created To Create: A Hand Lettering Exhibiton” is on display until Friday, Nov. 17.

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