Thinking of the Soldiers During the Holidays

By Colleen Dunn
Staff Writer

We are in the heart of autumn. Halloween has come and gone, the leaves are continuing to fall, and the Scranton temperature is dropping each day. With the brisk air waking us up, we know we are approaching a time of great joy, The Christmas Season. When this comes to mind we should think beyond the stress of gift shopping and into a time of peace between everyone. Peace with family members, friends and even the opposing side of a conflict… at least for one night.

In 1914, this country was fighting in the first World War. In the early morning on December 25, the two opposing sides of the war came together in “No Mans Land” to the singing of the classic tune, “Silent Night”. For soldiers who have been fighting for their lives, and their families lives, it was a complete miracle to stop the conflict for a little while, giving us hope for peace around the world.

Today, our country works together to comfort the troops who are over seas defending our freedoms, hopefully creating some sort of peace that the soldiers of the first World War did. The United Service Organization, USO, has been working hard for many years, even before World War II, and they are still serving to bring home to the troops. The USO provides special programs, and opportunities for people to connect with family. They even have Holiday Tours to bring the Christmas Spirit. The Marywood community has been spreading the peace, with students taking the time to write out Holiday cards in appreciation for all that they do for us. So, next time you are in line for the latest and greatest gifts, think of the Christmas Truce of 1914, and bring a new kind of joy into your holidays.