Hungry hungry hippos come to life at Marywood


Photo credit/ Katlynn Whitaker

Student Nick Marilou traps balloons for his team during the Human Hungry Hungry Hippos event.

Ali Sidiki, Staff Writer

A classic tabletop game turned into a reality when the Hungry Hungry Hippos came to life in the Latour Room of Nazareth Hall at 9 p.m. on Jan. 27.

Instead of plastic molds, the hippos were students who had to collect as many balloons as possible with a laundry basket. The “hippos” had to sit on scooters, which were attached with ropes, while their teammates helped them collect balloons with a laundry basket. The team that collected the most balloons would get a chance to win $50.

Sophomore architecture major Nathan Duvall, who was also one of the organizers, was looking forward to participants enjoying themselves.

“I’m anticipating balloons flying and people running into each other. Tonight I want everyone to be a hungry hippo and have a good time,” Duvall said.

The organizers of the event, senior criminal justice and sociology major Rachel James and sophomore architecture major Josh Suiter, said that they were expecting a huge turnout.

“This event can either go really well or really bad. I hope there’s a good turnout and people enjoy themselves,” James said.

Though not many students showed up to support their friends or participate in the game, the few who did claimed they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were excited by the fact that their favorite childhood game came to life.

“Hungry Hungry Hippos was my favorite game as a kid, obviously second to the Pakistani board game Ludo,” freshman Nutrition major Salma Ahmed said. She added that she was excited to participate and get a chance to win $50.

The organizers of the event and volunteers who helped out said that they never had an event like this and wanted to try something different.

“This is the kind of event that we usually do not organize, and is a first,” said senior nutrition major Maria Temples.

Organizer Josh Suiter, sophomore architecture major, was happy the event took place.

“This idea was suggested by one of our friends and we thought that it might be exciting to try out and get more people around campus to get interested in school events.”

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