Dr. Antoniacci named Marywood’s first endowed faculty chair


Photo credit/ Katlynn Whitaker

Satara Dickey, News Editor

Antonia M. Gerod Schierling, class of 1960, and her husband Hans Schierling established the first endowed faculty chair at Marywood University through a deferred pledge agreement, according to Marywood’s magazine.

Dr. Lisa Antoniacci, associate professor, was the recipient of this award.

“I feel very grateful for this opportunity,” said Antoniacci. “This new position allows me to increase my research program here so it has really given me a lot of good opportunities to continue my research agenda.”

Antoniacci’s research involves the study of yeast, which has a lot of similarities to human cells.

“We are trying to understand the role of a nuclear envelope protein and its role in chromosome dynamics so we study it in yeast to understand the basic process,” said Antoniacci.

Dr. Michael Kiel, chair of the science department, said that the new endowed chair position will create more opportunities for students to get involved in projects.

”A major goal of the Science Department is to educate more students by getting them involved in laboratory research projects,” said Kiel.

This position has allowed Dr. Antoniacci more opportunity to work with students in the lab and to help them develop their skills and techniques.

“I think it’s a wonderful gift to the university and to be given to the science department is just fantastic,” said Antoniacci.

The Gerod Schierling Endowed Faculty Chair will inspire continued growth in the Biotechnology program and provide new opportunities for student involvement in breakthrough research, according to Marywood’s magazine.

“The Science Department is delighted in its support of Dr. Lisa Antoniacci as the first recipient of this endowed chair. She had already established an excellent research program, and this gift will allow her take her research program to a new level,” said Kiel.