Winter weather causes damage to Performing Arts Center


Photo credit/ Photo Courtesy/ Paul Sevensky

The snack room in The Sette LaVerghetta Center for Performing Arts (PAC) took the brunt of the damage from the heating unit that broke on Friday, Feb. 20.

Autumn Granza and Vincent Schultz

On Friday, Feb. 20 a heating unit broke near the entrance of The Sette LaVerghetta Center for Performing Arts (PAC) causing several offices and hallways to suffer from water damage.

The water forced maintenance workers to take down ceiling tiles in several areas of the lower floor of the PAC. The snack room took the brunt of the initial damage. Part of the lower floor was blocked off because of damage to the ceiling and carpeting.

Later that day, another heating unit located in room 92 leaked, causing water damage to that room and the carpeting in the nearby hallway.

A water main break overnight Friday outside of the building caused Joseph X. Garvey, vice president for Business Affairs and Treasurer, to order the PAC closed. The water main break left the building without water.

According to Campus Safety, the water main break affected Regina for a limited time but has left the PAC in worse condition. In order to make any repairs, the water main must first be dug up.

Though there is no definitive reason why these instances occurred, a Campus Safety official said he believes it was simply in response to the cold temperatures. With no water circulating through the PAC, it is considered to be a safety code violation to allow students, faculty, and staff to use the facilities.

Following the closing, Patrick Toomey, the stage and tech director for Marywood’s theatre, was forced to move an event that was set to take place within the PAC auditorium.

“We had a music therapy event … that got moved to the Swartz [Center for Spiritual Life] and some of the conference rooms in the Swartz Center,” said Toomey.

With the Music, Theatre, and Dance Department set to present Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure” on the weekend of Feb. 27, Toomey said it was fortunate that the incidents occurred now.

“We’re lucky that it wasn’t next weekend because we would be closed. We couldn’t do a show the way that the situation is right now,” said Toomey.

As of Sunday, Feb. 22 the PAC is still closed. The building is still without water but does have electricity. As of right now there is no time frame as to when the building will be fully operational.

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