New global and fine arts courses approved


Photo credit/ Kelsey Van Horn

Satara Dickey, News Editor

Students will now have more options to fulfill the mandatory global and fine arts requirements starting in the fall of 2015.

Newly approved courses for the global history requirement include:

– HIST 241 Introduction to Latin American History

– HIST 447 Women & Gender in African History

– HIST 455 Youth Revolt and Student Power in World History

– HIST 450 The Global History of Popular Culture since 1850

– HIST/ SOC 301 Women, Gender, and Feminism in the World

Newly approved courses for fine arts include:

– PSYC 431 Psychology of Film

– PSYC 432 Psychology of Hitchcock

“We realized there was a big need to expand global and fine art offerings,” said Dr. Jeremy Rich, interim chair of the social sciences department and co-chair of the undergraduate core curriculum committee.

Marywood’s undergraduate core curriculum committee is comprised of 15 faculty members, at least one from each department, and two undergraduate students.

“We are responsible for reviewing changes in the core curriculum, including adding and subtracting classes,” said Rich. “Also, trying to offer more courses to fulfill mandatory fine art/ global requirements.”

According to the committee policy, there are 11 voting members and six non-voting members.

The curriculum committee encourages any faculty member outside of the Social Sciences department to submit their courses for review.

“Having a more varied selection will allow students to not just merely fulfill a requirement, but rather enroll in a course they are excited about or passionate about,” said Grace Morrissey, senior philosophy major and member of the undergraduate curriculum committee.

“We are simply trying to offer students more options,” said Rich.

To see the schedule of classes for Fall 2015, visit Marywood’s Registrar.

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