New option for adding Pacer Points


Photo credit/ Katlynn Whitaker

Kaitlyn O'Meara, News Staff Writer

The Marywood community can now add Pacer Points with the touch of a button.

An email from Sara Sauers, a network support technician, to students, faculty and staff on Sept. 29 announced a new “GET” app that can be downloaded to any smartphone or tablet and used to add more Pacer Points to their accounts.

These points can be used to buy food at any dining location on campus, print or make copies with GoPrint and make purchases in the Marywood Bookstore.

According to the Apple App Store, the application is “a mobile platform to help you get more convenience, value, and fun from campus life.”

After downloading the app, users can log in with their Marywood identification and password and set their own unique personal identification number. Then, users can view their account and add funds by simply adding their credit card into the app.

Previously, users needed to sign in to their MarywoodYOU Portal account to add Pacer Points, which did not have mobile compatibility.

Schools all around the country use this platform and students seem to like it, according to Sauers.

“Everybody is constantly on the go, so if you’re standing in line waiting, you can do it right then and there,” Sauers said. “[The app] is very on demand and very beneficial.”

Marywood is also offering an incentive for students that download the app.

According to the email from Sauers, “when you use your credit card to add $20 or more [on the app], you will get a 10 percent bonus added to your total.”

Ariel Kimes, a junior pre-physician’s assistant major, described how she used to add Pacer Points before hearing about the release of the app.

“I know when I’m running late and running low on Pacer Points, I’ll have to stand to the side and take 15 minutes to do everything up on my phone, so it [was] a bit inconvenient,” said Kimes.

She added, “I’m probably going to download the app right now.”

The app is available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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