Inauguration Summarization

By Amanda Toth

Following President Obama’s Inauguration, The Wood Word spoke with several Marywood students about their thoughts.

Dan Miller

“I watched some of it. I think that Aretha Franklin was pretty bad. I also don’t know why Fall Out Boy was there.”—Dan Miller

Noreen McKernan

“I watched some of it. I thought it was okay and not too over-the-top. They had a good turn out. I think people were receptive to him in general and the inauguration.”—Noreen McKernan

Cassie Scannella

“The whole thing in general was really built up and overblown. I feel if it were McCain that got elected, it would be just another inauguration, like George Bush’s. I feel like Obama is more a celebrity than our nation’s leader and I think that’s where a problem will like. Only the future will tell what will happen. I did listen to part of his speech. He’s a charismatic guy, but it’s hard to go off what he said to see what he will do.” –Cassie Scannella

Mandy Boyle

“I was really impressed by the amount of student involvement. This was the first inauguration that I’ve ever watched and I have to say it was pretty incredible. I thought it was great to see fellow classmates hugging and smiling and clapping as history was being made.” –Mandy Boyle

Dana Fortunato

“I think that it was pretty history and relieving considering that we did so much work for the campaign and internship. It was just a very emotional day for me, personally, because this country is in dire need of help and a strong leader. Overall, it was just very rewarding and I wish the best for our new President and Vice President and I have complete faith they will turn this country around.” –Dana Fortunato

Carolyn Ruggiero

“I did watch it. I definitely enjoyed it. I really thought every aspect was wonderful except the poet. However, I am anxious to see what our new President has to offer and I have total faith that things will change because, “Yes, we did!” –Carolyn Ruggiero