NFL Weekly Ranking: The Chiefs reclaim the top spot this week


Photo credit/ Jennifer Flynn

After a short-lived stay at number one, the Steelers fell back down to number two this week. This left the space wide open for the Chiefs to reclaim the spot.

Patrick Lepre, Staff Writer

The Steelers’ time at the number one spot may have been short-lived, but they proved that they’re still tough enough to land in the number two spot. Here are my newest top 10 teams:

1. Kansas City Chiefs (7-1)
It was a close game against the Panthers, but the Chiefs survived 33-31. The Chiefs offense continued their hot streak with Mahomes throwing four touchdowns. Although the Panthers gave the Chiefs some problems. Teddy Bridgewater had a great game throwing two touchdowns and the return of Mcaffrey was evident. This game was proof that no matter how poor the Chiefs defense performs, their offense can and will always bail them out.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-0)
Despite a close game with the Cowboys the Steelers are still a top-three team. The Steelers had their bye week in week four and coming into week nine were on a three-game road trip. It is understandable that they weren’t at their best. But like they have all year they found a way to win. What is concerning is the Steelers offensive coordinator Randy Fichner. The offense never performs well until Ben Roethlisberger calls the plays. If they ever give the keys to Roethlisberger fully it’d be something to watch. The defense had trouble against the run, but they also had injuries on the defensive line. Minkah Fitzpatrick is also back onto his ball hawk status being involved in splash plays consistently.

3. Baltimore Ravens (6-2)
After the heartbreak in week eight the Ravens bounced back with a win against a solid Colts team 24-10. It was a big second-half performance for the Ravens to get the win as they were trailing 10-7 at the break. If Lamar Jackson doesn’t have big turnovers the Ravens win, and this was proof of that. This is a solid team and the only thing in their way is themselves it seems. If Jackson can ever put up big numbers in the passing game they would be right up there with the Chiefs or even better.

4. New Orleans Saints (6-2)
Week after week the Saints seem to just slowly get better. In a week where they were not favored, they blew the sails off the Buccaneers 38-3. This was a big statement in the NFC South division. The Saints look like the most complete team in the NFC on both sides of the ball and especially now that Michael Thomas was inserted back into the lineup. After weeks of overreacting the Saints are now back on everyone’s radar.

5. Green Bay Packers (6-2)
The Packers beat up on a demolished 49ers team in week nine 34-17. Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams once again were connecting all game long. Adams had 10 catches for 173 yards and a touchdown. When the Packers are great, they are really great and when they are bad they are really bad. That seems to be their problem, there is no real in-between. It usually lies on the defensive side of the ball and the ability to stop the run that was never addressed in the offseason. It will most likely come down to if the Packers’ offense can keep up with what their defense is giving up.

6. Buffalo Bills (7-2)
This was a huge win for the Bills in week nine against the Seahawks. The Bills were slowly falling out the contending talks but are now right back in there with a 44-34 win. Josh Allen threw for 415 yards and three touchdowns and has his name in the MVP talks again. The Bills defense is what worries me the most right now because they aren’t playing to the same level as they were last year. The Bills have a bright future, but I don’t think a Super Bowl is in the cards for them this year with their up and downplay.

7. Seattle Seahawks (6-2)
A tough loss against the Bills in week nine for the Seahawks again shows the faults of their defense. Rarely ever should you be losing while putting up 34 points, but the Seahawks found a way. The blame isn’t all on the defense however as Wilson had four turnovers. Although they lost this can be seen in a somewhat positive way for Wilson in the MVP race. It shows that he has to play out of his mind in order to win games and overcome his defense which in most cases he does. When playoffs roll around Wilson is going to have to play flawlessly.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3)
The Saints ran the Buccaneers off their own field. This Buccaneers team reminds me of the 2013 Lakers. A bunch of former and current big names thrown together and forced to make it work. There’s not enough ball to go around for all these star players on offense and Brady looks like a shell of himself the past two weeks. Their defense has also seemed to regress since the domination against the Packers. It is probably time to start questioning the Buccaneers as we’re halfway through the season.

9. Tennessee Titans (6-2)
After two tough losses, it was a nice bounce-back for the Titans getting a win in week nine 24-17 over the Bears. Like I’ve said in the past the defense is the problem with the Titans. But the defense strung together a good performance this week with the new acquisition of Desmond King from the Chargers. If the defense can gain some momentum going forward and continue this play, the Titans can be right back into contending talks.

10. Arizona Cardinals (5-3)
In a back and forth game with the Dolphins, the Cardinals came up short. The Dolphins beat the Cardinals 34-31 after their kicker missed the game-tying field goal. It was a questionable call at the time to kick the field goal which comes back to coaching. The offense however plays well which was led by Kyler Murray who is asserting himself in top tier QBs this season. The Cardinals remind me of the Bills in the way that they are playing good right now, but the future looks brighter than the present.

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