The Wood Word

Saving money during the holidays

December 20, 2010

Amber Mohrmann Staff Writer Everyone loves the holidays, except for one little thing - they have to spend money. Between food, gifts, and other expenses, the happiest time of the year can turn into a nightmare for people on a bud...

Christmas traditions continue through the years

December 20, 2010

Image by Zanastardust via Flickr Roxanne DeAngelo Staff Writer What makes traditions, especially those around the holidays so important? Many traditions have become embedded in our lifestyles. When most college students return ho...

Politically correct holiday greetings are a sensitive subject

December 20, 2010

Robert Hannon Staff Writer Twas’ the night before finals and all through the dorms, all students were studying (as was the norm). Excited for Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate), there arose such a bellow right s...