Time capsule to preserve the memories of Marywood for next hundred years


Photo credit/ Patrick Kernan

A drop box for essays for the Time Capsule sits near the cafeteria in Nazareth Hall

Patrick Kernan, Opinion Editor

One of the many plans for Marywood’s Centennial year includes the burial of a time capsule, to be opened for the University’s Bicentennial in 2115.

Dr. Alexander Dawoody, associate professor  of administrative studies, is running the project, which includes storing personal essays in the time capsule.

“The idea was to collect essays,” said Dawoody, “from students—current or alumni—staff, faculty, trustees.”

The essays will contain various messages, depending on what meant the most to the writer.

“[They will write] their reflections, their memories, their opinion of Marywood University…and their hope for the future community 100 years from now,” said Dawoody.

The essays submitted so far reflect many different views of the university.

“We have about 100 now,” said Dawoody. “From a good diversity of the population.”

The time capsule will be buried next year as part of the Centennial events. Dawoody explained that the exact placement of the time capsule has not been decided yet, but it will share space with a similar time capsule that will feature audio recordings of students and faculty.

According to Dawoody, looking at a sample of the essays shows that students have a positive view of Marywood’s future.

In her essay, Rebecca Bria, a graduate student in communication arts said, “My wishes for Marywood are that the campus remains a small, faithful, and strong community.”

Dan Langan, a doctoral student in human development, chose to give a bit of advice to the students of 2115.

“What you do today may affect how the future generations see you,” said Langan in his essay. “But chances are not every aspect of your life will be scrutinized, so relax a little and enjoy life.”

Anyone interested in submitting an essay for the project may do so at drop boxes found at the main desk in the Learning Resources Center or near the entrance to the Main Dining Room in the Nazareth Student Center.