Students shop Black Friday, gear up for Christmas season


Vikki Hartt, Staff Writer

The holidays are approaching so it’s time to think about all the presents, decorations, and goodies needed for the holiday season. The best day to get some great prices and not to mention some interesting stories to tell is Black Friday.

The famous day after Thanksgiving offers great deals, on everything imaginable. Some of the students on campus had some interesting perspectives and stories to tell after their big Black Friday extravaganza.

Gabby Badowski, sophomore advertising/public relations major, took a different approach to the day.

“I’m not crazy; I don’t wake up at the 3 am like other people. I go at the end, when the lines die down” she said.

Her “must have” this season is clothing, so those lines definitely died down as the afternoon approache.

Senior advertising/public relations major Tim Noldy also took part in the shopping festivities this Black Friday. He and his wife pre-shop, looking at all the ads, especially for electronics, then go out at a more reasonable time, 6 a.m., and shop.

“The ads are a great tool. You can find out the sales before you’re in the store and plan,” he said.

Jessica Marks, a sophomore painting major, was out bright and early Black Friday. She was looking for something special for her mother this holiday.

She offered advice to anyone who has yet to experience a Black Friday. “Just going out on Black Friday is a lot of fun; experiencing it is something I can’t really explain, but hopefully everyone has a chance to go out and feel the rush and excitement of the Christmas season this year,” she said.