Plenty of service opportunities in local community


Autumn Granza, Assistant Photo Editor

Marywood University prides itself on the core values that it instills upon its students. Service, one of the core values, can prove to be rewarding during a student’s time on campus or in their hometown. Whether it is on or off campus, service to others and the community promotes Marywood’s core values and provides a great experience for students.

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities that Marywood students can take part in on campus. Throughout the spring semester, Campus Ministry has many events in which students can participate.

“Volunteering enhances the value of the soul,” said freshman Mike Magistro. “It allows you to give selflessly. If you are helping someone, it is a form of volunteering. You can do anything to change the world for the better.”

This semester, Marywood will be hosting a blood drive on March 31 from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. in the Latour Conference Room. This provides a great way to help out, while also doing an act of kindness for another person.

In March, a Cinderella’s Closet collection will also be held. Cinderella’s Closet is an organization that collects prom dresses and accessories to those that are less fortunate. Donations can be dropped off any time in the month of March at Campus Ministry.

According to Campus Ministry, in the month of April, Marywood students will also be participating in a “Run, Walk, Crawl,” a 5K for International Service. The event is to help raise funds for the groups going to San Lucas, Guatemala and Tanzania, Africa. People may bring friends and family of all ages. The event will begin at the Mellow Center and continue up to the IHM center, back down to Morgan Road to Adams Avenue. The volunteers for the event will need to help hand out water, warn people of speed bumps, and encouragement. There will also be food drive donations. The dates for these events are yet to be announced.

Aside from on-campus, off-campus can also be a prime source for volunteer work. If returning home for a weekend is not on a students’ agenda, then the soup kitchen, St. Francis of Assisi, located in Scranton can be a great volunteer opportunity. At home, students may also benefit in volunteering at their local church, picnic, hospital, daycare or soup kitchen in their community.

“Attending Marywood allows me to volunteer away from home,” says sophomore, Kaitlin Caldwell. “The campus provides volunteer possiblities for any students’ interest.”

Marywood also offers service trips to educate students and provide a great experience. The trips will be conducted during Spring Break, March 2 – 10, and summer break, in May 2012. Service trips that students may attend include: St. Vincent de Paul Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Habitat for Humanity in Franklin, West Virginia; Disaster Relief in Joplin, Missouri; Students Helping Honduras in El Progreso, Honduras; San Lucas Mission in Guatemala.

Each trip allows the students to aid those less fortunate, the homeless, young and elderly, and those stricken by natural disasters.

Whether it involves a community or an on-campus event, volunteering aids those less fortunate and provides a great experience for all involved. Marywood grants many opportunities for students to become active volunteers in their communities.