Marywood holds Alcohol Screening


Caroline Casey, Staff Writer

Marywood held a free Alcohol Screening on March 20 in the Fireplace Lounge in honor of March 20th is National Alcohol Screening Day.  This year marks the 10th year for Marywood to promote National Alcohol Screening Day.

All over the US, college campuses run anonymous free screenings to promote healthy alcohol consumption for college students.  Not only do colleges have these screenings, but local businesses, and even government organizations  take part.

Tony Pero, the clinical director at the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services in Scranton, PA, stated that these screenings began in 2004.  The organization’s  goal is to spread awareness about alcohol consumption, and for people to take a step back and look at their behaviors.

According to Pero, the screenings are not professional evaluations, but if the participants are honest and truthful in their answers, they can prevent their behaviors from spiraling out of control by uncovering the early warning signs.

Pamphlets were available at the screening that provided information about how to seek help.  Pero says these screenings also provide an honest look at where a person is in his or her life.

Krystle Evans, a student at Marywood, was involved in the screening day.  She said that Screening Day provided lunch, raffles, community vendors, campus clubs, and alcohol abuse screening to students.  At last year’s screening, 147 students were screened.  This year, 120 students were screened.

Rory Pfund, a student at The University of Scranton, attended the screening.  About a half hour into the screening, 70 students had already participated.  “College campuses all across American abuse alcohol” Pfund said.

Alcohol screenings are a way for students to be aware of their behaviors and to determine if their actions are normal or harmful.