2012 Presidential Debate


Photo credit/ Bob Hannon

From left to right: Brooke Beppler, class of 2015, Jessica Manning, class of 2013, and Heather Kees, class of 2016.

The Wood Word

Health care:
The Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) strives to prevent insurance companies from dropping client’s coverage while they are sick. For those using Medicare, the program will work toward lowering costs on prescription drugs and premiums. Also, the act will prevent insurance agencies from charging women more money than men for the same care

Romney wants to issue an executive order for the federal government to give Obamacare waivers to each of the 50 states. Instead of Obamacare, Romney wants to enact policies that will allow each state to have a health care reform plan that best suites each citizen. His goals include restoring state leadership and flexibility, promoting free markets and fair competition, and empowering consumer choice.

Obama has passed Wall Street reforms to ensure that American taxpayer’s money would not be used to fund bank bailouts. To bring jobs to the U.S., President Obama eliminated tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. Also, he created incentives for businesses keeping or bringing their businesses back to America.

Rebuilding the economy with goals of free enterprise, hard work, and innovation are key parts to Romney’s plan. He aims to reduce taxes, spending, regulation, and even government programs. He also has goals set forth to increase trade, energy production, and labor flexibility.


Obama’s plan gives each state the flexibility to create their own education reforms, relieving them of No Child Left Behind. To ensure that everyone who works hard can get ahead, Obama will invest in community colleges to provide education and career-training programs. Also, President Obama fought to prevent interest rates from doubling on federal student loans.

Romney aims to tie federal funds to dramatic reforms in order to expand parental choice. He also wants to invest in innovation and reward teachers for their results. He will make sure students have diverse and affordable options for higher education. Romney hopes to provide students with affordable options for higher education. He wants to ensure that graduates will find employment in areas that reflect positively on their educational investment.