Around the world in seven days

Around the world in seven days

Ashley Padula, Assistant Community Editor

In mid-November, students got the chance to travel around the world without stepping foot off of the Marywood University campus. International Week kicked off on Monday, Nov. 12.

The week-long celebration included events like the Interfaith Dialogue Forum, international dinner, and cultural exposition.

The forum was a discussion among students, faculty, and staff about their religions and personal beliefs, and also their cultural differences and experiences.

According to Dianne Leow, freshman nutrition and dietetics major and president of International Club, it was the club’s first time sponsoring such a forum, in which more than 20 people participated.  There were many people who attended the event, including Muslims, Buddhists, Catholics, Christians, and free-thinkers.

Later in the week, the International Dinner brought together students, staff, faculty members, and family members for an international meal. At the dinner international students were dressed in traditional clothing to attend the dinner.

“This year’s dinner is so far the best in terms of the number of people who attended the dinner, over 160, which is the highest number of all years we have done,” Leow said.

Dr. Amir Alakaam from Iraq was the featured speaker at the dinner and his talk was titled ‘The Adjustments to Food and Culture.’  David Crisci, associate director of international affairs, also spoke about his international experiences. To close off the night, children from the Irish Step Team performed.

A Cultural Exposition in the Rotunda closed out the week which showcased food, flags, historical buildings, and even symbolic items from the international students countries.

“I think International Week is a great event on campus that allows us to converse with people from other countries and cultures and get a better perspective on one another,” said Ellen Clauss, freshman business major.