Marywood gives thanks

Marywood gives thanks

Mandy Scritchfield, Assistant Community Editor

Marywood University honors faculty, administration, and staff with over 20 years of service.

Cor Mariae Dinner list of those being honored:

Dr. Gale Jaeger (20 years); Sr. Maria Rose Kelly (25 years); Dr. Edward O’Brien (30 years); Dr. Alan M. Levine (35 years); Dr. Jay P. Clymer III (35 years); Mr. Peter T. Hoffer (40 years); Dr. Mary Elizabeth Kenny (45 years); Kay McClintock (25 years); Dr. Michael Mirabito (20 years).
Years of Service list of those being honored:

Joseph Michael Vladika (25 years); Candra Yurkanin (20 years); George R. Carpentier Jr.; Rima Amescavage (20 years); Sheyrl Lynn Sochoka (20 years); Marilee A. Sweeney (20 years); Maureen Dunne-Touhey (20 years); Karen E. Boland (30 years); William Deininger (30 years); Sean Durkan (30 years); Patricia Trojanowicz (30 years)