Campus Safety Publishes Annual Security Report

Campus Safety Publishes Annual Security Report

Autumn Granza, Community Editor

Theft and vandalism were on the rise last year, according to Marywood’s annual security report. Campus Safety recently published its Annual Security Report

 The report was broken down into several parts, detailing offenses on-campus, off-campus, and in residence halls.

This year’s report showed that last year on campus, one robbery, one simple assault, and two burglaries occurred on campus, as compared to no such offenses in the previous year.

Crime is also on the rise since this year’s report. Twenty-eight thefts were reported on campus this year as compared to 23 the previous year.

Instances of vandalism on campus have also increased from 24 in 2010 to 36 in 2013.

In residence halls, four thefts and 23 cases of vandalism were reported. In the previous year, there were no reports of vandalism.

Off-campus offenses are incidents that occur off Marywood University property and are covered by the Scranton and Dunmore Police Department. They are also included in the report, and included one robbery, two thefts, six motor vehicle thefts and two vandalism offenses.

With theft and vandalism on the rise, Marywood’s Campus Safety Department is taking action.  According to Chief Mike Finegan, the entire campus will eventually be re-keyed.

There will, however, be more focus on The Sette LaVerghetta Center for the Performing Arts because of the recent theft, when three Mac computers were stolen. The Sette LaVerghetta Performing Art Center will be re-keyed sometime in the near future and a card scanner will be installed to keep track of who enters the building.

“We encourage people to [make a] report if they see an offense being committed,” said Finegan.

Campus Safety allows anyone to be a “silent witness,” where individuals can submit incidents of crime anonymously. The “silent witness” option can be found on

However, Finegan said that if an offense is witnessed, the witness could aid in any investigation by coming forward immediately and providing a description so that the appropriate authorities can be contacted quickly.

The full security report can be found at