Lot closure makes for longer walks for students and staff

Lot closure makes for longer walks for students and staff

Brigid Edmunds, News Editor

Learning Commons construction causes new parking procedure on campus

To accommodate construction vehicles working to clear land for the new Learning Commons, the Little Nazareth parking has been closed, making for longer walks for many staff members and students.

In an email sent on Dec. 10, Chief of Campus Safety, Michael Finegan, explained that the staff parking lot known as “Little Naz” would be closed effective December 15, 2013 until the end of the 2014-2015 school year to accommodate construction vehicles. Staff were relocated to the Lower Pit Parking Lot, displacing commuter and resident students who normally occupy that lot.

According to Finegan, the Lower Pit was chosen because it had enough spaces to accommodate all staff members. Resident students who were parking in the Pit were notified that they could park behind the Center for Athletics and Wellness or in any freshman resident spots. In addition, residents were notified via email of a refund offer for their permits.

“Anyone who wanted to take advantage of a $25 rebate on their parking permit could come to my office and turn in their current resident permit and we would give them a specially-made permit that said Lower Freshman Lot only,” Finegan explained.

Finegan said not many students took advantage of the offer.

Since the beginning of the semester, Campus Safety has received numerous complaints from both students and parents about the new parking regulations.

Sophomore Business Management major, Erik Pulkkinen, said parking has become harder this semester. Pulkkinen used to park in either the Pit or behind the Center for Athletics and Wellness, but this semester parking has been tight and inconvenient.

“Obviously, the fence is annoying for parking in Naz if you have to go to the [Liberal Arts Center],” Pulkkinen said. “It’s annoying walking by the Pit when half of it is empty.”

Finegan said the most frequent complaint Campus Safety has received was about longer walks most students now have to make.

Not everybody is complaining though. Technology Trainer, Christina Brundage’s office is located in the Media Center, which is not that far of a walk from the Pit. Before the Pit became exclusively for staff, Brundage was usually able to park in The Pit unless staff spots were open closer to her office.

“There are very few staff parking spots, unless you’re parking down by Nazareth, and that’s kind of haul all the way up to this part of the campus,” Brundage said. Since the designation of the Lower Pit for staff only parking, Brundage said finding a spot is less of a hassle than before.

“I’m guaranteed a spot now,” Brundage said.