Gotcha! OIT pulls off April Fool’s prank fourth year in a row


Autumn Granza, Community Editor

CONFIRMED: The Wood Word has confirmed that the Marywood website “Google” homepage is definitely an April Fool’s joke.

According to Sister Mary Kathleen Burns, OIT’s first prank occurred four years ago and went so well that they’ve built an expectation to have a new prank every year. Plus, she said, it allows them to be creative.

“We floated a ton of ideas. We chose the Google theme because it was simple, recognizable and Google leads the way in April Fool’s pranks. And Marywood and Google share the same number of Os,” said Burns.

However, the April Fool’s homepage won’t stop people from being able to navigate the real Marywood website.

“It is important to us that, whatever we do, that people are still be able to do their business with Marywood,” said Burns. “Our most used/most important links are somewhere on the page (Email, Admissions, A Bold Heart) and you will find the rest of our main links as prompts if you start to type them in the search box,  along with some fun links as well.”

Users can still navigate to the real Marywood site by clicking the Marywood/Google logo or the Home link at the bottom of the page.

“I think it’s really creative,” said Sarah Lutat junior nursing major. “I recognized it right away as Google’s logo and colors.”

According to Sr. Kathleen, some virtual Easter eggs have also been programmed into the site and can be found by navigating through the pages.