Student Spotlight – Kyle Therrien

Paul Capoccia, Community Editor


Name: Kyle Therrien

Major: Architecture

Year: 2015

Hometown: Newport, Vermont

Kyle Therrien is a fourth year student in the five year architecture program who has become very involved with several service and faith organizations throughout his time at Marywood. He is one of the men in charge of Men’s Group and one of the leaders of Big House, Marywood’s Christian living program that helps its members to grow in faith by encouraging its students to eat and pray together as a community. It coordinates events on campus including music and movie nights.

Q: You had the opportunity to travel to Japan this summer to study abroad. What was that experience like?

A: It was a wonderful opportunity, just seeing the differences in the cultures, yet the similarities. From the customs, to the food, to the way they educate, [it] was very fascinating. The scenery was beautiful, the people were wonderful, and it was overall a great experience. I recommend it, but the flights were a bit long. The architecture was really interesting too; the details of the buildings, including the joinery, were class A and the way they live in the countryside with the tatami mats and the bamboo roofing was quite fascinating.

Q: You are one of the men in charge of the Men’s Group on campus. Can you tell me a little about that and what you plan to do on campus this year as a group?

A: Men’s Group is a club where men of all faiths can gather together, have discussions about their faith, share their backgrounds, learn from each other, and learn from speakers. We’ll sometimes go to events together and grow together as men of faith. A lot of the events we go to, like bowling, are for charity. We also hang out just as a group to bond and grow.

Q: I understand you are one of the Big House leaders as well. What kinds of things are you most excited for with Big House this semester and this year?

A: I’m really blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community and [to be] a leader as well. I’m excited to see us continue to grow as a community and as disciples in Christ, to grow together and to grow with people outside the community as well, and to become role models in service and in prayer. I’m really looking forward to seeing how everyone will grow throughout the year.

Q: You do a number of things with Campus Ministry and with other service organizations on campus. What would you tell a student who is interested in these kinds of service activities but is unsure if he or she is the right kind of person to get involved?

A: I would say there are all different types of service, that service doesn’t pertain necessarily to going out and giving someone food. There are various ways in which you can serve your community or people at large as well as on a global scale that, though you may not be able to go an hour away. There are always ways in which you can help others. Just look around you. I’m sure you can find ways to help those immediately around.