Sr. John Says: Happy Centennial!


Photo credit/ Katlynn Whitaker

Sr. John Michele Southwick, I.H.M.,, Special Contributor to The Wood Word

“It’s our challenges and obstacles that give us layers of depth and make us interesting. Are they fun when they happen? No. But they are what make us unique. And that’s what I know for sure… I think.”

-Ellen DeGeneres

Happy Centennial! You may think this is a funny quote to start out an article about such a joyous and wonderful occasion. However, if you know anything about the history of this University and the challenges it has met in its past, you will understand. Nothing great is ever created without its struggles and obstacles. So it is with the history of this great University.

But here we are 100 years since its humble beginning. Do we still have obstacles? Sure, but we are still thriving and growing and facing a bright future, and we have students who are still the greatest people in the entire world.

Students are our best asset and always will be.  We are surrounded by the beauty of creation, grass and trees, that change with the seasons; beautiful buildings fit for the needs of our students; and the people here in our community of Marywood are just the greatest. Whenever someone is in need, the community comes together to reach out and respond. We are a caring and friendly place, and may it be so for at least the next 100 years.

We are now in the 2nd Century of Marywood. What a great place to be, and our students will move us into the future with Service and Leadership.

Go Pacers!

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