Group Spotlight: Music Therapy Club


Photo credit/ Photo courtesy: Tara Kelly

This month’s group spotlight is the Music Therapy Club, here are some Seniors.

Esperanza Gutierrez , Assistant Community Editor

Ding, ding, ding, do you hear that? That is the sound of The Music Therapy Club looking for you to help advocate music therapy on campus and increase awareness.

This organization provides music therapy majors with opportunities for personal growth and professional leadership. The Music Therapy Club is constantly looking for opportunities to volunteer their time and talents.

Anita L. Gadberry, Ph.D., assistant professor of the music therapy has been the faculty adviser for The Music Therapy Club for five years.

“I like this club. It is a really a nice place for the students to get to know each other. I like how the students interact with one another; it’s almost like a family,” Gadberry said.

Madison Indyk, sophomore music therapy major, said she enjoys being a part of the club.

“My favorite part of being in the club is having peers around you who share the same interests and knowing they are there for any questions that might arise,” said Indyk. “It’s a great support system and we learn while doing a lot of fun things together.”

The Music Therapy Club welcomes students other than music therapy majors to participate and join, according to Gadberry. Students in the club have meetings, which can be found in the events calendar on the Marywood home page.

“The Music Therapy Club is looking for opportunities to work with other clubs. The club has held events with the art club and the counseling and psychology program. They welcome other clubs or individuals that have an idea to promote awareness on campus to work with them,” said Gadberry.

Julianna Altonjy, senior and president of The Music Therapy Club, has always found comfort in her major, music therapy.

“Music has always been a big part of my life, and I knew I didn’t want to perform,” said Altonjy. “I always wanted to help people too, so to combine two loves of mine, music and helping others seemed like the most awesome career ever.”

There are currently 40 members in the club. Those interested in becoming a member of The Music Therapy Club can contact Julianna Altonjy at [email protected]

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