Sr. John Says: An age is passing


Photo credit/ Katlynn Whitaker

Sr. John Michele Southwick, I.H.M., Special Contributor to The Wood Word

Technology has taken over my life! I hate it! I will never hold The Wood Word in my hands again!

Usually if I do not see the paper with my own eyes in front of me, I don’t think of picking it up and reading it. I have to remember to go online to find it and then read it. Maybe it is my age or my lack of technology skills, but it is still the visual aspect of it that I will miss.

The people coming onto the campus will also miss seeing it around, I believe. The prospective students, their parents, the alumni and the community will no longer have the paper in paper form. It is a visual reminder of Marywood University, its Communication Arts Department, and its work.

The voice of the students will no longer be available for all to “see” in print, around campus. An age is passing. I do hope that others will have better skills, and maybe a better memory, than I and remind me to look online for the paper because I do love reading it.

I would like to thank all of those students who have made The Wood Word possible over these many years, and all of their hard work in putting it together. I know that work is not stopping, but it is changing. Keep up the good work. You do a great job!

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