Student Spotlight: Kenny Doyle

Esperanza Gutierrez, Assistant Community Editor

Name: Kenny Doyle

Year: Sophomore

Graduation Year: 2018

Major: Music and Theatre

Kenny Doyle is a sophomore music and theatre major with many talents. His passion and drive for music and theatrical arts allow him to be seen as a true leader in his department. One day, you may even see him on Broadway and maybe even making his own non-profit.

 Q: What are you involved with on campus?

A: On campus, obviously I am heavily involved in the theatre department. I’m an officer; I’m in charge of social media PR for the Marywood Players on campus, which is a great club and it’s really grown this year, which I am very, very happy about. It’s hard to balance both theatre and doing that at the same time. Those are pretty much the things that I do.

Editor’s Note: Marywood Players are the only official student-run theatre club on campus. Students have opportunities to go before the footlights and behind the scenes in faculty-directed major productions, as well as student-directed workshops and productions.

Q: What is it like performing?

A: To perform… it’s kind of like being on a roller coaster I guess. It’s so different each time, too. It depends on what you’re doing. “Our Town,” the last show that we just did was very emotional. It was very difficult doing three acts, playing three different ages, and staying the same character. So, there was a lot of riding on the arch of my character throughout the show.

But there are other shows that I’ve done that are fun, like “Bye, Bye, Birdie,” that I did a couple of years ago, which is just super energetic and fun and a different time period. But I love it and I get a lot of energy out of it. Especially, with the audience, it’s weird you feel the energy coming through the audience through your fingertips. You become somebody so different when you are on stage. It’s amazing.

Q: What instruments do you play/what do you sing?

 A: I play guitar, drums and piano. Guitar is my main instrument. I like to play all different kinds of styles, mostly folk, country and rock. It’s the kind of stuff that I grew up with on. As for singing, being with music and theatre, obviously a lot of show tunes, but I love singing like pop music. John Mayer is probably my favorite artist. I love to play his songs on guitar and sing. A little bit of jazz and classical; I like to be kind of well rounded with my material because that will help me in the future. You know, trying to find a job, if I have a jazz and a classical piece and a rock piece I can get a job without any problems, anywhere.

Q: What does the future of the Theatre Department hold with upcoming events?

A: What does the future department hold? A lot of great things are coming. We just got a new department head, Chuck Gordon, he is taking the department to totally different place than it ever has been. We just had our first rehearsal last night for “Songs for a New World”, which I am so excited about. It’s a show that I didn’t think that they were going to do when I originally came here because it is so new and contemporary.

Then after that, we have our Players Project. This year is going to be Twisted Theatre, we do it every other year. It’s where we swap genders, for songs. Boys will be singing girl songs and vice versa. People will get a real kick out of it and I’m actually working with another student, Tiffany Atkins (sophomore and theatre major). We are gonna be doing small productions in the Black Box, because we want to make more opportunities for students where it doesn’t have to be on the main stage and you don’t have to feel that pressure of auditioning.

EN: Black Box Theatre (terrace floor/lower level) is a laboratory theatre designed with flex staging to accommodate student-directed productions and to support experimental theatre, located in the Sette LaVerghetta Performing Arts Center.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: My future plans, obviously graduating would be nice. I’m hoping that we do more musicals here. As of right now the program stands that we only do one every other year. Being a music and theatre major, I kind of need that stuff, build my resume and works on my chops and stuff. After graduation I’m going to be auditioning probably in D.C., New York, do some Broadway stuff, maybe some off-Broadway and touring. Then eventually my long term goal is to start a non-profit theatre because that’s where I got my start. That’s were I kind of found my vocation for theatre. So, I want to give back to people who gave me this opportunity.


Q: What is your dream job?

A: My dream job, well to be on Broadway, of course. But really, doing the non-profit thing. I feel like I would get so much more out of what I’m doing to be helping others. Not just performing and doing shows and getting applauded, but I want other people to have their opportunities and to do the things that I want to do, especially kids, because theatre is something that for over the past 10 years has kind of been dwindling in programs and schools. But I think it’s an important tool in educating kids and freeing them up, giving them things to do, and exerting their energy, so I want to give back. That would be my dream job.

Q: How has your time at Marywood helped you for your future endeavors?

A: Marywood’s actually done a lot for me in a short amount of time. I’m really getting great opportunities here. For my acting, it’s really building my chops, especially with Chuck. Last year I took an acting class that was very difficult. But I got through it and a lot out of it. But also, the teachers, especially in this department are very, very personal and they know that I need to start finding opportunities now, before I graduate. So, I have teachers who are recommending summer programs and summer stock theatres and things like that. I actually just joined the local state’s union. I work backstage through Judy Snyder and so I’ll be working in three to four weeks in a professional environment backstage. While I’m back there I’ll still get to see what’s going on, onstage. I will be getting a lot out of it. That’s kind of where I hit the ground running and starting backstage, hopefully working my way to the front of the stage.

EN: Summer stock theatre is any theatre that presents stage productions only in the summer. The name combines the season with the tradition of staging shows by a resident company, reusing stock scenery and costumes.


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