Group Spotlight: Black Student Union and Global Unity Club join together


Photo credit/ Courtesy of Nyla Lott'Khan

Members of the Global Unity Club and the Black Student Union at a cooking event in Latour.

For the past year, the Black Student Union (BSU) and the Global Unity Club have joined together and have prospered. Both clubs were suffering from low attendance and as a result, banded together with Director of Student Equity Keshia Vilchert advising both clubs.

The suggestion to merge the clubs came from the previous Global Unity adviser, Dr. Lia Richards-Palmiter, PhD. The clubs have worked together to plan various events such as meetings, movie nights, cooking nights, catering events, and public speaking events.

Sophomore health services administration major Nyla Lott’Khan, president of the Global Unity Club has welcomed the members of the BSU with open arms and is open to new leadership for the BSU.

“Since there’s not been anyone to take over for that position (as President of BSU), we’ve just decided to keep it merged for right now, and if someone wants to take over for the Black Student Union, they are more than welcome to do that,” said Lott’Khan.

Vilchert added that the added that she is optimistic for the clubs despite the setback that caused the merger

“I think that we are seeing an increase in numbers, we’re having a lot of participation in different events on campus, which is great. So I think that this and last semester have been extremely successful,” said Vilchert.

The Global Unity Club has bi-or-tri-weekly meetings in the Terrace Floor of Loughran Hall along with the BSU and the Sexuality and Gender Alliance Club.

There is hope that the clubs will stand on their own again in the near future.

“I think that the more we do events, the more that we have programming and share what we’re doing with the Marywood community, the more we will have people engage and want to join and be a part of those clubs. As the numbers increase, and the stronger the clubs become, I see them separating in the future and being individually Global Unity and individually Black Student Union and operating a little bit more independently, but still of course collaborating,” said Vilchert.

Lott’Khan also shares these beliefs.

“I just feel like we need people that run it. I feel good that eventually, with the advice we have now, with Keisha– she’s amazing– I truly believe it will eventually be two separate clubs, and we can still join and do events together because we’re better together as well as separate,” said Lott’Khan

The Global Student Unity is hosting various events in the upcoming months, including a catering event with Poppy’s Kitchen in the Latour Room in the Nazareth Student Center on April 6 and a workshop with Alex Tha Great, a renowned activist and playwright, later in April.

Vilchert encourages those interested in more information regarding upcoming events and how to join to contact her at [email protected].

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