Haunting in Connecticut: A Review

By Carly Catalano
Staff Writer

A good horror film is hard to find.  The Haunting in Connecticut is no exception.

The Haunting in Connecticut, directed by Peter Cornwell, is based off of a true story about a boy who has cancer and a mother that will do whatever she can to help him stay alive. The year is 1987 and this young boy is undergoing experimental cancer treatments. To make the travel to his clinic easier, his mother decides to rent an old house nearby. The house that they begin to rent turns out to have a lot of history in it; a history that begins to take hold of the family in a chilling experience involving restless spirits and challenging ghosts both real and within.

In terms of content, this film is very much like most contemporary horror films. The plot is very similar to countless other movies and the scares are predictable – although some of them can be genuinely creepy. If you’re an avid horror flick fan, be warned – this film may disappoint. However, if you’re just looking for a weekend activity with a bit of scare to it, this film may be for you.  Overall, I’d give it a C+.

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