Hold Steady Always Keeps Attention

By Rob Minor
Staff Writer

The Hold Steady recently released their fifth album titled A Positive Rage. The double disc set features live music from the Brooklyn-based band and also a documentary DVD. The album contains a compilation of seventeen live songs which were previously released on their four preceding studio albums. Although there is some familiarity with the songs, lead singer Craig Finn contains a lot of spontaneity, which keeps you listening like it is your first time. The only issue with this album is the sound quality compares only to a high-end bootleg. Once you get past the sound quality, the music contained on the album is great and gives you a real good taste of what The Hold Steady is about. With their witty lyrics and remarkable guitar riffs, The Hold Steady is bound to establish some type of connection with you, especially if you’re in your college years. Since their debut album Almost Killed Me released in 2004, The Hold Steady has released three other albums, which have all been outstanding. The Hold Steady definitely is a very positive band, and is great music for having an all-around good time.

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