The Vintage Theater: New and Improved

The Vintage Theater has re¬opened on Penn Avenue. Photo Credit:

By Kelly Rickert
Staff Writer

The Vintage Theater in Scranton recently moved to a new location, and they are preparing for quite a schedule throughout this autumn.

The Vintage Theater is not the typical idea of a theater. Besides being a movie theater screening many classic movies, it is an art gallery, and a venue for many performances, such as stand-up comedy, improv shows and indie rock shows. Last year, high school student Conor O’Brien, with the help of his mother Barbara O’Brien, began work on founding the theater, and it opened on Wyoming Avenue in Scranton last January.

In September, The Vintage Theater joined forces with Scranton Rhythm, run by Andrea Scahill and Theresa O’Connor. The two organizations had similar ideas and by working together they combined and expanded their ideas to form one business, while still meeting their goals. This kind of combining of forces adds fresh perspectives to things, as well as cutting the cost of running a business.

After they decided to combine, the theater was relocated to a new space at 119 Penn Avenue, in downtown Scranton. The grand reopening of The Vintage Theater was held in September. Since that time, they have shown several classic movies and had a number of bands perform. But that is not all that they are doing.

As it is currently planned, on the first weekend of November, they will open an in-house café. The café will be open seven days a week from 3:00 p.m. to midnight, which seems convenient for the after school or after work crowds. Coinciding with the café’s opening, the theater will also be premiering a one act adaptation of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. This adaptation of the tale, written by London playwright Joanna Norland, will be showing November 6 to November 15, on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m.

Later in November, The Vintage Theater will be hosting a couple of more politically active events. On November 27, the theater will have an Anti-Violence Art Rally, with help from The Women’s Resource Center. This rally is scheduled to help promote anti-violence and abuse resistance education, and will begin at 5 p.m. That same weekend, the theater will also play host to people attending The Fair Trade Fair in Scranton, an informative festival on the aspects, benefits and opportunities made possible by fair trade and fair trade products. The Vintage Theater is taking part in this event on November 28 and 29. The Vintage Theater is proud to play a part in Scranton’s art scene.

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