This November, Head to the Movies

By Arielle Kovalich
Staff Writer

Each year when November rolls around, the movie theaters and film makers prepare for the big numbers at the box offices worldwide. Because this month is full of events such as Thanksgiving and Black Friday, many families head out on their time off to watch a new blockbuster. Luckily, the movie industry has been hard at work filming numerous new films for this time of year.

First off, the highly anticipated second movie of the Twilight series, New Moon, is set to premiere on Friday, November 20th.  Last November, Stephenie Meyer’s big novel seller turned into a huge movie blockbuster by bringing in an impressive 69.6 million dollars and was shown in approximately 3,419 locations. This year’s addition to the series is predicted to be the most popular and most anticipated movie for the month.

Closely following in the shadows is the chilling film 2012, due out on November 13th. Director Roland Emmerich, noted for his film The Day After Tomorrow, has created this new movie that depicts the end of the world in the year 2012. My guess is that although this movie looks grim and a bit frightening, the public will be very curious about it, and will be likely to go see it.

A third anticipated movie starring the voice of Jim Carey retells an old story through animation. Director of the animated movie The Polar Express, Robert Zemeckis paired up with Disney to re-create A Christmas Carol using 3-D animation. This Disney film will probably outshine the second animated movie to premiere at the same time, The Princess and the Frog, although this movie does have the advantage of being directed by Ron Clements, who is known for being the director of The Little Mermaid. Both movies seem to have an equal opportunity to shine this season because animated movies attract a diverse age crowd. A Christmas Carol premieres at the beginning of the month on November 6th while The Princess and the Frog premieres towards the end of the moth on November 25th.

Among these four top movies are many others releases, including The Box, Planet 51, Old Dogs, The Men Who Stare at Goats, and Dare. The abundance of movies this month will make for hard choices for people, but may mean more money if the public has so many choices that they will have to visit the theater more than once over the holiday break. Either way, I wish all the viewers out there good luck and happy watching.