John Mayer's Battle Studies

Cover of "Battle Studies"
Cover of Battle Studies

By Sara Tompkins
Staff Writer

Battle Studies“, the long awaited fourth album from blues-crooner John Mayer, is an eclectic mix of blues and pop melodies. Quite different from the previous albums he has recorded, “Room for Squares”, “Heavier Things”, and “Continuum”, Mayer’s every changing style has appealed to the masses.

Inspired by a recent break-up, “Battle Studies” mixes melancholy lyrics with fun pop melodies. With titles like “Heartbreak Warfare” and “Friends, Lovers, or Nothing”, Mayer’s song titles match nothing like how the song is played. It’s leading you on to think that the song is going to be heart-breakingly slow. However, the songs are upbeat, happy, and unconventional.

To add to the fun beats, Mayer does a collaboration with Taylor Swift, who happens to be considered one of the most break-through artists of 2009. On their song, “Half of My Heart”, Swift and Mayer sing about only being able to love someone the whole way. This collaboration is unexpected in my mind, and is something I never saw happening. However, I thoroughly enjoy the song.

“Battle Studies” is one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. If you like blues mixed with uptempo beats, I suggest this album for you.

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