"Date Night" Movie Review

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By Anthony Castellano
Staff Writer

Date Night is a movie about a family man (Steve Carell) and his wife (Tina Fey) who are lacking something in their marriage. As a way to help fix this problem Phil Foster decides to bring back the idea of a weekly “date night” that the couple had previously experienced with earlier in their marriage. However, after taking a wanted criminals reservations at a restaurant, the couples “date night” turns into an all night comedic drama. They spend the rest of the night running from police as they can’t prove their identity and come across many obstacles and unique characters along the way.

Considering that I went to see the movie because I am a huge Steve Carell fan, I thought it was only a so-so. It had all the big names a classic comedy could ask for (Steve Carell, Tina Fey, James Franco), but the story-line was not classic of a box-office hit. It was too short to really get into the back story and took away from some of the comedy.

The supporting characters gave rather uninspiring efforts throughout the movie. The story line and the actors were all lined up perfectly to turn this film into a great comedy, but it seemed to fall through. However, I felt that Steve Carell and Tina Fey had great chemistry in “Date Night.”  They really seemed to feed off each other’s skills and humor as they made an impressive comedic duo.

At times the plot and story line seemed to get a bit silly with the car chases and the strip club scenes. It seemed to get a little over the top at times. If a movie is going to create such an interesting premise to begin with combined with the presence of accomplished comedic actors, it must follow through. However, all the actors didn’t really capitalize and make this movie quite as good as it should have been.

Overall I would give it a C+ in terms of grading because it failed to really draw me  in as most great comedies do. However, it would be good for young married couples who are just looking for a good laugh on a Friday night!

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