The Night of the Undead: Electric City Tattoo Gallery & VMFM

Kelly Rickert
Staff Writer

The Electric City Tattoo Gallery recemtly held their 2nd annual Night of the Undead, and Marywood Radio, 91.7 VMFM was there amidst all the Halloween horror. The Night of the Undead is a Halloween themed art show; they displayed horror inspired artwork from local artists and artists from all over the country. Also at the event, people could get their makeup done like zombies. Afterward, the tattoo gallery hosted a zombie themed pub-crawl, for attendees age 21 and older.

Throughout the event, VMFM was there, playing music and giving out prizes. Some of the station’s DJ’s made up Halloween themed questions and the first person to answer correctly would win a prize. VMFM gave out $100 in gift certificates for Electric City Tattoo Gallery.

VMFM’s assistant Music Director Megan McGraw said, “It was a fun night…We even had some attendees perform the Time Warp.” The event was successful for both VMFM and Electric City Tattoo Gallery.

The Night of the Undead is not the only event that VMFM and Electric City Tattoo Gallery are doing together. On March 18, 19 and 20, VMFM will be back for the Electric City Tattoo Gallery Tattoo Convention.

VMFM and Marywood’s television station, TVM, will be teaming up to do interviews with some of the tattoo artists, and will be doing live broadcasts from the convention the whole weekend. VMFM is looking forward to this event; Megan McGraw said, “It should be a blast. I know everyone is excited for it.”

These kinds of events are fun and beneficial for both the tattoo gallery and the radio station. VMFM’s programming director Sara Tompkins said, “The purpose of these events is to bring some of our partnerships to the forefront, and to get their name out into the public. Also, we want to gain a larger and more diverse fan base by doing these events.”