Thanksgiving a good time to catch latest flicks


Nathan Miller, Correspondent

As the semester winds down, the last bit of solace before finals, Thanksgiving break, draws near. Whether you go home or stay at school, take advantage of the special holiday release date and what could be the last opportunity to head out to the movie theater before the studying takes hold.

For Your Imagination

Based off of the 2008 Caldecott winning Children’s book The Invention of Hugo Cabert and directed by one of the greats, Martin Scorsese, Hugo is not your average 3D movie. It is a tribute to film history set in Paris in the 1930’s. A young boy stumbles upon a key that leads to wonders he has never seen and meeting one of the most influential people of that era. This film is sure to be a hit with Scorsese behind the camera and an all-star cast including Jude Law, Christopher Lee, Ben Kingsley, Sacha Cohen, and Johnny Depp.

Date Night
“My Week With Marilyn”

The film is based on the memoirs of Colin Clark about the filming of “The Prince and the Showgirl.” Michelle Williams sets herself up for another Oscar nomination for a stunning performance as Marilyn Monroe in this splendid journey that shows us the darker side of her life. We get to meet Marilyn through the eyes of Colin as his dreams of working in the film industry come true, though he never knew it would be a crazy roller coaster ride with one of the greatest American actresses.

A Fresh New Film
“The Artist”

Here is a movie like no other. Where most films now are so saturated in CGI and visual effects, “The Artist” is taking it back to the beginning. Yes,” The Artist” is a black and white, silent film about the rise of talking films (talkies) and the rough road ahead for silent film movie actors, especially George Valentin, the main star who watches his career start to crumble with the outbreak of talking pictures. This movie sets itself up for greatness, but, the big question is, will anyone see it?

Great For A Laugh
“The Muppets”

The Muppets, Mila Kunis, Neil Patrick Harris, Amy Adams, Jason Segel, Zach Galifianakis; do I need to say more? Finally coming out of hiding since their last film in 2005, the Muppets are ready to hit the big screen again in this much anticipated film that has a cast list longer than the Great Wall. There will be no shortage of laughs here as our favorite childhood puppets come to life again to please the entire family. Let’s just hope there is no shortage of Statler and Waldorf.