Keeping it Real with Katie and Kelly


Katie Owens and Kelly Rickert, your resident experts.

Katie Owens and Kelly Rickert, A&E Editor and Asst. News Editor

There is a boy that I have had a couple classes with that I really think I could see myself maybe dating, but I don’t know how to go about initiating seeing him outside of the classroom in a friendly way. Do you have any advice on asking someone to hang out without it being awkward? I feel as though I am different when I’m in class than with my friends so how do I make him see this?

Crushin’ on a Classmate

Well, isn’t this adorable? The best thing you have going for you here is that you have had more than one class together. By now you should be a familiar face in this person’s head. If you have polite conversation and talk a little in class, even better!

The best way to get to know each other outside of class is to find some friends that you might have in common and do something as a group. If you’re in the same major, this shouldn’t be hard and even if you aren’t, Marywood is a small place; I’m sure your friends intersect somewhere.

Another great option is to pay attention to see if there’s anything he particularly enjoys (movies, games, music) and talk to him about them.
Being a different person outside of school is not a bad or uncommon thing. Class is where you’re supposed to be reserved and show your smart face. Going out with friends you’re comfortable with is a great way to show someone who you are outside of the classroom without overwhelming them with too much one-on–one time right at the beginning.

If it’s meant to be, you’ll find a way to make it happen, we’re sure.

My parents are constantly badgering me about what they think I’m getting up to while away at school. They make assumptions based on what they hear and think that other kids are doing and I know they constantly check my Facebook for incriminating evidence. How can I convince them that I am a good kid and even when I do go out, nothing bad is happening?

Pestered by Parents

We understand that parents can be a real pain while you’re away. Whether they’re simply checking in constantly or nagging about your grades, sometimes enough is enough.

While most of us aren’t independent enough to shove our parents out of the way and go charging head on into our own lives, we have taken a giant leap forward in the last few years. Moving away from home is no easy task for us either, and that is what a lot of parents don’t understand.

We think you should sit down and have a nice long talk with your parents about how what they’re doing is not only totally inappropriate, but it is also causing you to want to be farther away from them.

Trying to remain calm is a key element here because if you freak out, they’re going to think you’re hiding something even more. Let them know they should be happy that you aren’t doing anything wrong instead of trying to pin false accusations on you.