Cooking with Katie: “Adult” Mac & Cheese


Katie Owens, Arts & Entertainment Editor

After one semester in college, it’s likely that just about every student in the country has consumed enough Easy Mac to last a lifetime. Many students would claim that this is because it’s so cheap, but they’re spending seven bucks in the First Stop every other day, so clearly there are a few bucks around. Worry not, though. Mac and cheese is a classic, but there are much better ways to enjoy it than out of a microwaved plastic cup.  

Here’s what you’ll need:

Two pots. One for cooking the pasta and one for melting the cheese.

One casserole dish.

Pasta. Approximately 8 oz. Any kind I suppose. I don’t like shells because they try to hug each other or something. I use elbow macaroni.

1 lb American Cheese

1 lb White Sharp Cheddar Cheese

4 cups milk

2 tbsp butter

Flour (as needed)

Bread crumbs (optional)


Here’s what you do:

In one pot, heat up the milk and butter and slowly add cheese little by little until it is all melted. Add flour if needed to thicken.

While that is happening, boil water in the other pot for the pasta.

Cook the pasta.

Drain the pasta.

Combine the cheese and the pasta. You can either do this in the pot or in the casserole dish.

Spread the combination evenly in the dish.

If you want to be fancy, you can now add the bread crumbs to the top.

Bake at 350 until it gets bubbly.

Remove from oven.

Remember the taste of adult food again.