Movie Review: “Gravity” visually stuns and captivates audiences

Movie Review: Gravity visually stuns and captivates audiences

Vincent Schultz, Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

Released in select theaters October 3, with a wide-release on October 4, “Gravity” stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in the story of a medical engineer and a veteran astronaut fighting for survival after a devastating accident has left them stranded in space.

The film takes place during bio-medical engineer Ryan Stone’s (Bullock) first mission. Accompanied by a team of astronauts, including veteran Matt Kowalski (Clooney), a satellite collision occurs, leaving their ship, The Explorer, in ruins. With the debris from the collision beginning a rapid orbit around the earth, the team is exposed to a wave of shrapnel every 90 minutes. With no gravity, no oxygen, no sound, and no ship, the team must navigate through space to find another means of returning home.

Using the same technology behind James Cameron’s 2009 “Avatar,” “Gravity” is one of, if not the most visually appealing movies to date. Caurón’s vision of space is realistic and cold, yet mesmerizing and beautiful, proving that 3D can be effectively used to improve the quality of a film.

Apart from the astonishing visual experience “Gravity” offers the audience, there is also an attention-grabbing and emotional story behind the film. George Clooney as a veteran astronaut on his final mission is confident and reassuring, while Sandra Bullock’s character is capable yet frightened, adding a relatable quality to a character in perilous circumstances.

Caurón’s ability to create a realistic space experience is phenomenal. In space, there is no sound; therefore each scene is filled with guttural bass that the characters themselves hear. Without oxygen, collisions cannot burst into flames. There is a tremendous amount of realism and detail that makes the film unlike any other based in space.

“Gravity” is a sensational, one of-a-kind movie. The visual experience is one of few films to date where spending the extra money on IMAX or 3D is well worth it. The story is intense and realistic and the same can be said for the characters. With all of these factors in mind, “Gravity” may be a serious Oscar contender for Best Picture and Best Actress for Sandra Bullock.

I’m giving “Gravity” 5/5 kernels.