The Kalob Griffin Band comes to Ale House


From left to right- Robert Dwyer, Eric Lawry, Kalob Griffin, and John Hildenbrand

Juliette Meyers, Arts & Entertainment editor

The Kalob Griffin Band came to town on Friday, March 7, to headline a show at the Backyard Ale House. The show marked a return to the area after their NEPA debut at last year’s Peach Festival at Montage Mountain.

The Philadelphia based band, originally formed in 2009, primarily travels throughout Pennsylvania performing. The band members include Kalob Griffin (singer/songwriter), Robert Dwyer (guitarist), Jonathan Colvsen (bassist), Eric Lawry (drummer), and John Hildenbrand (keyboardist).

Together they create a mixture of “Americana & Roots Rock”, as Griffin put it, that has earned them the ‘Folk Band of the Year’ Award at Philadelphia’s World Café Live along with a sold out Christmas show at the 650 person venue.

In preparation for the show Friday night, Eric Lawry said, “We did as much work as we could to make it a good night, and I think it will be great time.”

The band began their set at 10 p.m. with a great crowd. Throughout the night, people danced around the venue enjoying their music.

Stephen Peragallo, a student at Northhampton Community College, was in attendance, he said, “they make country music modern.” He thinks they are really upbeat and easy to listen to. “Its like background music for my life,” said Steve.

With an increasing number of fans, and all of this newfound fame, luckily the band doesn’t seem to let it go to their head. In person, they are some of the most genuine, humble people that thrive on their love for music.

Friday night’s show was sponsored by the upcoming Susquehanna Breakdown Music Festival. The Breakdown Festival will feature a number of artists, including The Kalob Griffin Band and Northeast Pennsylvania natives Cabinet. The festival, formerly The Old Farmer’s Ball, will take place on Saturday, May 10 at the Pavilion at Montage Mountain.

For more information on the Kalob Griffin Band, check out their website at

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