Students practice manners at annual Ettiquette Dinner

Erin Yeager, Staff Writer

Students will have a chance to brush up on their dinner-table manners this Thursday at the Career Services annual Etiquette Dinner.

Dr. Carole Gustitus, director of Career Services, will host the program on Nov. 20 in the upper main dining room of the Nazareth Student Center.

“The focus will be on how to make the best possible impression on colleagues, VIPs, and potential employers,” said Gustitus. “Like how to write a business letter, [learning dinner etiquette] is about building a personal character, a behavior for yourself.”

Along with a four course meal, the dinner will also feature author and etiquette educator Robert A. Shutt, who will add to the importance of manners and courtesy.

“With Mr. Shutt, we’ll delve into what forks to use and when it is appropriate to start eating, and how to hold conversations while doing so,” said Gustitus. “It will be a valuable learning experience.”

According to Gustitus, the dinner will not only benefit the students participating, but also future employers who will eventually have to work with them, as well as Marywood University.

Desiree McCabe, freshman political science major, said she’s looking forward to the event.

“After I graduate, I’d like to get a neat job with my major,” said McCabe. “With the line of work I want to get into, I have to keep a certain image for myself. Being a part of the dinner could really help my chances of getting a better job in my field.”

“Employers will usually look for how a student’s behavior was in college,” said Gustitus.

The Etiquette Dinner has been occurring for nearly ten years, and Gustitus believes that the number of sign-ups this year, which as of press time was approximately 45 students, is just as good as last year, and she hopes that it continues to do well.

“I believe that [this dinner] helps students become well-versed in behaviors that will assist them in eventually gaining a career,” said Gustitus.

“I’m really excited,” said McCabe. “Not only for the food, but for the experience as well.”