Zummo’s Cafe provides perfect atmosphere and coffee for college students

Brigid Edmunds, Multimedia Editor

Driving down Marion Street in Scranton, you could miss Green Ridge’s best kept secret: Zummo’s Cafe. The hole-in-the-wall coffee shop doesn’t have a flashy storefront, they simply have a small sign on the sidewalk and their name printed on the roof.

As a “starving” college student and coffee/tea addict, I constantly look for alternatives to Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks that have exceptional coffee and help keep the local economy thriving. To date, Zummo’s has been my favorite find.

The shop sits in a building that used to be a shoe repair shop and penny candy store, and when you walk in, the charm is not lost. You are greeted by colorful signs displaying drink choices to order and in front stands a food case that houses some of the most delicious breakfasts and lunches I have had.

My typical breakfast choice is the mixed berry scone, grilled with butter. There is something so simple, yet delicious about the scones at Zummo’s. The batter has the right amount of sweetness in that it is complemented by the tartness of the raspberries and blackberries baked into them. The batter is light and when you bite into a scone, it simply melts in your mouth.

Another new favorite of mine is the pomegranate mocha latte. Zummo’s lattes are always exceptional but the mix of chocolate with the freshness of the pomegranate syrup makes this a delectable choice for a hot latte, without being overly sweet.

Zummo’s provides a unique dining experience and atmosphere for any college student looking to get away from campus for a bit and relax or get some work done.

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