AFA hosts Marywood in Paris exhibit


Photo credit/ Vincent Schultz

Vincent Schultz, Managing Editor

Artists for Art (AFA) played host to a number of Marywood students who studied in Paris, France during the 2015 Spring Break.

During the course, both Marywood undergraduate and graduate students were given the opportunity to experience a new culture and use it to inspire artistic creation. The exhibit titled “Marywood in Paris” began on April 2 with an open reception on Friday, April 3 at 6 p.m.

Twenty-one Marywood students participated in the study abroad class and upon return, were responsible for creating works using different art mediumsThese pieces were designed to mirror the many experiences, styles, and inspirations during the trip.

Tyler Mccourt, a sophomore photography major, explained how the Pompidou Museum helped inspire his artwork.

“When I saw not only the large pipes, but the entire building, it just stood out so much from the surroundings of Paris,” said Mccourt. “I thought it was really cool to capture that little modern piece of Paris but also have the original, historic part of Paris in the background.”

With the start of the exhibit at AFA, students displayed pieces for the public to see. Students who did not fully complete their arts were also invited to present their pieces.Individuals throughout the Scranton area were invited to see the artwork first-hand.

Jin Onn Tan, a senior finance major, was one of several Marywood students who attended the event.

“I like events like this because I like to see how someone can present their own creativity through different mediums. It’s cool how eye-opening that can be,” said Tann.

Outside of Marywood in Paris, AFA has hosted a number of local events in order to promote and support the world of visual arts. Each month, the exhibit holds monthly events and shows from theatre and poetry to music and comedy.

The Marywood in Paris exhibit will remain open through the AFA until April 25.

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