Marywood hosts Endless Mountains Spirit Exhibition


Photo credit/ Katlynn Whitaker

Erin Murphy, Asst. Advertising Manager

The Suraci Gallery is currently displaying The Endless Mountains Spirit exhibit, which features work from Paulus Berensohn, and the late Mary Caroline Richards, also known as M.C. Richards.

 The exhibition showcases the spirit of the Endless Mountains farm, where many artists gathered in the late 1960s through the early 1970s to create and be inspired.

According to gallery director, Sandra Povse, the current property owners of Endless Mountains farm, Larry Wilson and Laurie Graham, have taken great care in preserving the pieces in the exhibition.

“The energy and the soul and the spirit of these two main people, M.C. and Paulus, are quite riveting. And they needed to be cared for. [The artists] are special people,” said Povse.

Richards and Berensohn had a way of drawing creative people toward them. The farm became a cherished center of artistic activity to not only Richards and Berensohn. According Matthew Povse, assistant professor of art, fellow artists who worked at the farm jumped at the opportunity to help with the exhibition.

“Everyone was more than happy. They were pleased to hear we were making an effort to put a show together,” said Povse.

This exhibition goes beyond the realm of ceramics. According to Skip Sensbach, exhibition organizer, a bit of history is being documented here at Marywood.

“You have these two huge entities in the ceramic world and to find out that they lived and worked up the road from the university. It is an amazing ability to bring it together at Marywood,” said Sensbach.

Located in the Shields Center for Visual Arts, the exhibition will run through May 8.

For more information about the Endless Mountains Spirit exhibition visit their website here.