An Evening of Jazz Dancing: lots of music, light on the dancing


Photo credit/ Sophie Pauline

Marywood Jazz Ambassadors played along side the Faculty Jazz Quartet.

Sophie Pauline, Assistant A&E Editor

On Sunday Oct. 4 at 6 p.m. the Marywood Jazz Ambassadors performed with the Faculty Jazz Quartet for an event entitled “An Evening of Jazz Dancing.” The night was filled with music from Gershwin to Glenn Miller and from swing to Latin beats.

Unfortunately, only a handful of guests attended the event, with even fewer that took the dance floor.

Of the few attendees was Sophomore Art Therapy Major, Hailey Salvo. Salvo said that she had come more for the dancing than the music. She was able to showcase her moves for a couple of numbers, but unfortunately there was only one male partner that the girls had to rotate between.

“I wish more people would [have] come,” she said.

According to Salvo, almost 90 people have attend jazz dance nights in previous years.

Salvo has previously attended the “College Dance Nights” on campus and said she looks forward to having more opportunities to take part in swing and ballroom dancing events.

Though this night was a little stagnant, she said she would definitely attend the next jazz dancing event.

One of the first numbers, “All of Me” by Gerald Marks and Seymour Simons, was performed by a guest singer. She lulled the audience with her smooth voice and executed an all-around beautiful performance.

Marilyn Anderson, a junior English literature major, was found in her chair, soothed by the melodious tunes. She said she is “a big music fan” who “just came to listen and enjoy.”

Anderson said she “loved the song choices” and when asked if she would come back to another night such as this said, “absolutely.”

Though some attendees were disappointed by the lack of potential dance partners present, for a music lover, the night was a smashing success having provided an excellent selection of jazz numbers to be enjoyed for free, right on campus.


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