Canadian Brass quintet at Marywood: a rare opportunity for world-famous entertainment

Sophie Pauline, Assistant A&E Editor

It is not often that Marywood University’s stage is graced with the presence of a world-famous musical group. This Saturday Nov. 7 at 7:30 p.m. the Canadian Brass Ensemble will be holding a concert in the Sette LaVerghetta Center for the Performing Arts.

The Canadian Brass is a brass quintet, a group of five instrumentalists: two trumpeters, a French horn player, trombonist and a tubist.  This ensemble has won countless awards for their expertise including a Grammy in 2000 and several other distinguished awards worldwide. Having sold well over 2 million albums worldwide, their recognition extends to the earned title of “the world’s most famous brass group.”

“I can’t emphasize enough what a big act this is coming into our school; they’re one of the top selling performers in the classical realm,” said F. David Romines, the MTD Department Co-Chair and Assistant Professor of Music Education at Marywood.

Romines said this is, “a very, very rare opportunity for students and faculty here at Marywood to walk down the hill and come in to see a group of this caliber.”

The Canadian Brass formed in 1970 and popularly began playing on Canadian television; commonly they would be sitting in a semi-circle with little or no movement as a traditional brass quintet would. However, as one could guess, this type of performance did not translate well on the screen. The group rejuvenated their performances with a new excitement and energy, but never compensating their musical expertise.

During their performances they move around a lot and use props.

“You just never know what to expect; they’re just kind of loose cannons, they have a lot of fun,” said Romines, “I’ve even seen a member go and sit on someone’s lap during the concert and play.”

This quintet is decidedly unique in their performance style because they have “incorporated so much showmanship coupled with impeccable amount of artistry,” said Romines. “It really puts on a type of show that leaves the audience feeling light-hearted, but also so fulfilled musically.”

Over the years they have been considered experts in the interpretation of the music of J.S. Bach. They play anything ranging from the Bach feuds to “Flight of the Bumblebee”, to opera music, and a wide variety of original arrangements.

Their performances are sculpted to satisfy audiences of all types; from anyone looking for comedic entertainment to impeccable artistry to something in between, they are bound to be entertained.

“We wanted to make it accessible to students,” Romines said, “any performance of Canadian Brass usually commands tens of thousands of dollars.”

For this special performance at Marywood ticket prices range from $5 students tickets to $50 VIP passes, which includes a cocktail hour and meet-and-greet with the Canadian Brass members after the show. Anyone can purchase their tickets online directly from the Marywood website or at the box office starting at 6 p.m. the night of the performance.

Romines said in conclusion, “To have a group on campus that has won as many awards, sold as many CDs, produced as many albums as they have, and that has an appeal to everyone, it is just a rare treat.”

For more information and to purchase tickets visit Marywood’s Calendar page.

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