Graphic design club shows art in Scranton gallery

Anne Zukowski, Web Editor

Marywood’s graphic design club showcased their art in a local art gallery in downtown Scranton on Friday, Dec. 4.

Every first Friday of the month, small shops and members of the community participate in a gathering of music, art, and food in downtown Scranton. On this first Friday, The Workshop art gallery invited Marywood’s CMYKlub graphic design club to exhibit their artwork.

The CMYKlub decided to make the theme of the art show be based on the color white and called it “The White Show.”

“We decided to do a white theme because we didn’t want a color that is represented with a big meaning, like red usually shows anger. We thought using a technique of doing white work was a good challenge,” said secretary of the CMYKlub, Rachel Hines, a junior graphic design major.

Hines shared there were about 12 pieces made by the members of the club.

Professor Philip Barket, an adjunct graphic design professor and art director of BlackOut Design, an advertising company, said he thinks it’s important for student artists to show their art off of campus.

“The Workshop is an outlet for their work, and when they start looking for jobs and professional positions, they already show off what they’ve done,” said Barket.

Annmarie Holler, a graduate student in third year MFA in painting, shared it’s very beneficial to share artwork off campus as a student.

“I think it’s really cool they get to show their work,” said Holler. “They also get the chance to see the foundation of art and play around with materials and get hands-on experience off campus,” Holler continued.

There were also buttons and T-shirts for sale to benefit CMYKlub.

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