Bayleaf holds first live reading and art show


Photo credit/ Katlynn Whitaker

Student Travis Murray reads his winning Bayleaf submission called “Goblin Darts” at the Bayleaf Live event on Jan. 20.


Esperanza Gutierrez, Assistant Community Editor

The English department at Marywood University sponsored The Bayleaf Live in the Learning Commons Archive Room, on Wednesday, Jan. 20, at 9 p.m.

The Bayleaf is Marywood’s art and literary biannual publication. The Bayleaf publishes every fall and spring semester.

Dr. Helen Bittel, associate professor of English and faculty advisor of the Bayleaf for 14 years, said that students reading their poems hasn’t happened in some time. “This is a revival of an old tradition,” Bittel said.

The purpose of Bayleaf Live is to showcase students art and literary talents. It is also used to give student leaders practice with all of the work that goes into running an art and literature magazine, according to Dr. Bittel.

A head count of 60 people were gathered together to listen to students read their poems and eat refreshments.

The following students recited their poems and stories: “Cornfields” and “Picture of Us” by Riley Covaleski, “A House with Walls” by Maddesen Wright, “Science Meets Emotion” by Amanda Duncklee, “Goblin Darts” by Travis Murray, “Isolation”, written by MillyJean Helvick, read by her friend Ricky Gatling.

Riley Covaleski, senior English major, editor-in-chief and senior executive editor of the Bayleaf said, “I am so glad that so many people came. Everyone came together to bring food, share poetry and appreciate artwork. So it felt like a community effort, kind of what Marywood is all about; community, family, centennial, bringing it all together.”

The art pieces will be on display from January 20-31.

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