Marywood celebrates Super Bowl 50



Photo credit/ Kyle Clouse

Carly Flohs (’19) and Paul Ekey (’19) were part of the students who celebrated the 50th Super Bowl with a party held by SAC in the Upper Main Dining Room at 6:30 p.m. While the game was on there were food and prizes for attendees.

Courtney Snyder, Staff Writer

Last Sunday the Super Bowl celebrated its 50th anniversary.

In honor of this event, Marywood University’s Students Activity Crew (SAC) hosted a Super Bowl party for all Marywood students, faculty and staff. Attendees had the opportunity to win cash prizes if their bet of the score was correct for each quarter, as well as the perk of free food.

Michael Plate, junior accounting major, believed that this event would be a success.

“Our main goal of this event was to bring people together to watch the game and enjoy the free food while having a good time,” said Plate.

According to freshman Graphic Design major, Meghan Welcyng, her favorite part of the entire Super Bowl is the commercials.

“I like the commercials because they are funny and also because you can get a heartfelt commercial in there once and a while and it’s like ‘oh wow that was actually a very good commercial’,” mentioned Welcyng.

For some, the Super Bowl is more about the time you spend with family opposed to the suspense of the game, the humorous commercials, and lastly the entertainment of the halftime show.

Freshman Tamara Badette only watches the Super Bowl because her family hypes it up so much.

“This year is my first year not celebrating with my family so like I don’t really have a favorite part, especially because I am not with them to watch it in all honesty,” states Badette.

The game ended in a Denver Broncos victory with the final score of 24-10.

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